Can You Gain Muscle Mass While Eating Tofu, Other Soy-Based Food?

It is no secret that protein is the key to building serious muscle mass. While the required intensity of training to get optimal result depends on the body type of a person, it would help if he or she would eat the right kind and amount of food during rest or recovery period. There are many popular sources of protein out there, and the first on top of a body builder’s list is red meat. However, other people are not too fond of consuming beef or chicken, particularly those who are trying a vegan lifestyle. Thus, soy-based food like tofu is being suggested as a body builder’s alternative source of protein.

The Advantage Of Eating Tofu Over Red Meat

Tofu, or soy bean curd, is a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine, which can be cooked in different ways, either smooth and soft or fried and crunchy. It is derived from soya beans by curdling fresh soya milk and pressing it into a solid surface. After cooling, the solidified soya curd will form and left-over liquid will be discarded, the same way that traditional dairy cheese is processed after curdling and solidifying milk.

Vegans like using tofu as alternative to animal meat as they can easily add flavors to it that would make it taste like real meat. Also, tofu is an excellent source of iron, calcium, and other micro-nutrients that will make the body stronger and healthier. Tofu can be great for the skin, just like Amaira.

In a body builder’s point of view, however, tofu can be a worthy snack due to its massive protein content. It contains all nine essential amino acids that are crucial in repairing and creating muscle mass. Without a doubt, tofu is a must-have in a body builder’s diet.

The soya protein contained in tofu is unlike your usual protein as it is also believed to help in lowering levels of bad cholesterol. You can work out and enjoy eating tofu without worrying about any bad side effects that it could bring, unlike when you are consuming beef or pork meat. It is also worth mentioning that tofu is very low in calories, in spite of it being loaded with protein.

Tofu Lowers Testosterone Level, Thus Hindering Muscle Growth: Is this A Myth Or Not?

There are claims that eating tofu and other soy-based food does not actually benefit a body builder, especially the males. If anything, it will only undo all the hard work at the gym in building muscle mass. This is because soy is believed to have a component that can suppress testosterone count in the body. Likewise, soy is claimed to increase estrogen level, and eating too much of it will result to secondary female characteristics.

To set the record straight, there are NO proven scientific studies or experiments that will validate these claims. The only thing that is certain at this point is the huge potential of tofu and other soy products to pump up your body after workout. Of course, to get more positive result, you should know the right way in building muscle.