Lose Weight Even When You Are In Your 60’s

Life is great even as we age but exercise can be challenging at this time. Losing weight can rather be more challenging because of the stiff back and other pains the body experiences as we grow old. Aging women would rather knit or embroider, https://embroideryportal.net/, but you can actually do all that while you put an extra effort to feel good despite age. To begin with, it’s actually more crucial than ever before to really stick to the suggestions of talking to your doctor before starting exercise and diet program.

“Medical problems, such as heart disease and metabolic disease, become more common after age 60, so it becomes much more important to have a medical checkup before attempting a fat loss plan,” Huizenga, Prevention .com

Fact is that people who are in their 60’s have reduced oxygen intake making it tougher for taking deep breaths while exercising at a mid to high intensity. It is also at this age when key joints are more inclined to acquire arthritis, meaning that running or aerobics may have to be changed for swimming or walking.

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The good news is that doctors recommend a few ways to help clean diet, lose excess fat, and get anyone in their 60’s (and beyond) to a better health. Here are some easy exercise tips anyone can follow even in their 60’s

Concentrate on fat loss

“At advanced ages, you cannot afford to lose muscle, organ tissue, or bone mass, which means focusing on the number on the scale is especially inappropriate.”

The basics of building muscles may not work for seniors. So it is essential to plan a workout that’s fit for their age. The general rule of thumb is that your waist size should be no more than half your height. So instead of investing on a weighing scale, you should invest on a tape measure that simply measures your waist.

Drink more water

Obviously, this is a word of advice for anybody attempting to lose weight as well as improve general health, however, it’s particularly crucial as we age. Because water is vital for digestive function and metabolism, therefore it is important to get enough water to improve our metabolic response to our digestive function.

Include strength training in your daily exercises plan

You already know that muscle tissue lowers with age. Furthermore, the muscle loss equates to a reduced metabolic process, which is why you’re more prone to add on excess weight. But there is one thing that can be done and that is to lift weights.

Add more protein to your diet

People who are in their 60’s should add more lean meats in their diet. Studies show that older adults require more protein to help them build more muscle to counteract muscle loss as we age.

Do some stretching

Literally, stretch your body. You need to be more flexible so that you can enjoy just about any activity and to prevent you from hurting yourself. Think about going to a yoga class or perhaps just add a few stretch exercises to your day, especially after you walking or when your muscles are warmed up.