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My Gym Bag Must-Haves, What’s Yours?

Are you getting ready for your workout? What have you got in your gym bag? 

Everything you place in your gym bag can either make your workout a whole lot of fun or can make you snug around and just wish you read a book. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need right inside your gym bag so that you don’t have to “borrow” or wait around the corner waiting for an available machine to be vacant?

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So of course, you are all dressed up for the gym. You got your sneakers, your sweatpants, your towel, and huh… you forgot your water bottle! That’s the basic and you forgot. So in this post, I have listed the essentials and something extra to add to your gym bag for a better work out experience.

What’s in my gym bag?

My gym bag essentials

Towel. Pack a towel. Ideally, it would be nice to have a small face towel and a medium-sized towel. You will get all sweaty and you will need that towel to wipe off that sweat.

Body Wipes. While towels are enough, isn’t it neat to have body wipes not just to wipe off the sweat but to give you a little of the “fresh feel”? I personally pack body wipes everywhere I go. So it’s not just good for the gym back but to your everyday bag.

Water Bottle. You will need to hydrate when you sweat all that water out of your system. So a nice 1-liter bottle of water is a must-have in your gym bag. Choose a water bottle that doesn’t easily leak or else your bag will be all wet from leaking water.

Smartphone. Who would want to leave their smartphone behind? You will need music, a timer, and even a heart rate monitor app all from your smartphone. Of course, along with your smartphone, you will need to bring with you your headset so as not to annoy the person next to you with your music. Not all people enjoy the same music.

Weightlifting gloves. These are one of those extra essentials you will need in your strength training. Imagine lifting those heavy barbels? Your hands can get blisters from all the weightlifting. So protect your palms with a pair of good gloves.

Jump rope. I know some gyms may have one of them but sometimes all of them are just not available. It’s nice to bring a handy jump rope for a few minutes of jumping while waiting for an available cardio machine.

Gym Mats. I personally like to bring my own gym mats. It’s not that gyms don’t offer gym mats but I consider gym mats to be a little more personal. I don’t want to be sharing my sweat to anyone so I just bring my own. And you can do the same. Consider bringing a gym mat that’s not too bulky but just something that you can fold in your gym bag right after use.

Extra change clothes. If you don’t want to walk out of the gym all sweaty, you can always bring with you an extra shirt. It comes in handy especially if you need to rush to the grocery store before heading home. If you need to head straight to the office, you will really need to bring with you your office clothes. And don’t forget to bring shampoo and body bath. It can come in handy too.