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Can You Gain Muscle Mass While Eating Tofu, Other Soy-Based Food?

It is no secret that protein is the key to building serious muscle mass. While the required intensity of training to get optimal result depends on the body type of a person, it would help if he or she would eat the right kind and amount of food during rest or recovery period. There are many popular sources of protein out there, and the first on top of a body builder’s list is red meat. However, other people are not too fond of consuming beef or chicken, particularly those who are trying a vegan lifestyle. Thus, soy-based food like tofu is being suggested as a body builder’s alternative source of protein.

The Advantage Of Eating Tofu Over Red Meat

Tofu, or soy bean curd, is a popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine, which can be cooked in different ways, either smooth and soft or fried and crunchy. It is derived from soya beans by curdling fresh soya milk and pressing it into a solid surface. After cooling, the solidified soya curd will form and left-over liquid will be discarded, the same way that traditional dairy cheese is processed after curdling and solidifying milk.

Vegans like using tofu as alternative to animal meat as they can easily add flavors to it that would make it taste like real meat. Also, tofu is an excellent source of iron, calcium, and other micro-nutrients that will make the body stronger and healthier. Tofu can be great for the skin, just like Amaira.

In a body builder’s point of view, however, tofu can be a worthy snack due to its massive protein content. It contains all nine essential amino acids that are crucial in repairing and creating muscle mass. Without a doubt, tofu is a must-have in a body builder’s diet.

The soya protein contained in tofu is unlike your usual protein as it is also believed to help in lowering levels of bad cholesterol. You can work out and enjoy eating tofu without worrying about any bad side effects that it could bring, unlike when you are consuming beef or pork meat. It is also worth mentioning that tofu is very low in calories, in spite of it being loaded with protein.

Tofu Lowers Testosterone Level, Thus Hindering Muscle Growth: Is this A Myth Or Not?

There are claims that eating tofu and other soy-based food does not actually benefit a body builder, especially the males. If anything, it will only undo all the hard work at the gym in building muscle mass. This is because soy is believed to have a component that can suppress testosterone count in the body. Likewise, soy is claimed to increase estrogen level, and eating too much of it will result to secondary female characteristics.

To set the record straight, there are NO proven scientific studies or experiments that will validate these claims. The only thing that is certain at this point is the huge potential of tofu and other soy products to pump up your body after workout. Of course, to get more positive result, you should know the right way in building muscle.

The Science Behind Strength and Muscle Growth

We all have a fascination with muscles and strength – whether we want to be stronger, feel better, or look like superman; and there are many proposed strategies and exercise regimens to get this done. I personally like doing my muscle training with music and so I have an earphone that I bought through the help of EarbudsAddict. 

In this post, I am going to talk about growing muscles and genetics. What if I told you that it was out of your control, and that your genetics may be entirely holding you back? Conversely, what if there was a secret out there that could lead you to super human strength?

Does Genetics Highly Contribute to Strength and Muscle Growth?

Muscle Size Has A Limit

The truth is, your muscle size has a limit. Sure it may seem obvious when you hear it, but your muscles are under the strict control of a protein called Myostatin, which determines exactly how large a muscle can become. And this limit is different for everyone depending on their myostatin levels.

As a muscle reaches this limit, myostatin prevents any further growth. But if the myostatin itself is limited or absent, this muscle limit suddenly goes away. This phenomenon was first noticed in Belgian Blue Cattle. These cows developed 2-3 times more muscle mass than a normal cow, and it was later discovered that they had a deletion of the gene GDF-8, which just so happens to create myostatin. As a result, without any exercise or special diet, these cows have incredible muscles mass.

Similar cases have been documented in dogs, mice, and even a few cases of human babies lacking the GDF-8 gene. These finding have helped scientists understand why some people bulk up easily, while others struggle to. Lower levels of myostatin = more muscle mass. In fact some studies have even shown that many champion  bodybuilders have naturally lower levels, or even entire deletions of the myostatin gene.

Lower levels of myostatin = more muscle mass.

If you look at somebody like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a teen, he just looks naturally muscular. As such, perhaps many champion bodybuilders owe their success more to genetics than their training or drug use.

Blocking Myostatin

Eventually, it may be possible to develop drugs which deplete or block myostatin. Of course, it’s a double edged sword; On the one hand, patients with muscular dystrophy, or muscle loss from aging could regrow and restore muscle. On the other hand, the potential for abuse as performance enhancers seems…inevitable.

But, the prospect of seeing a real-life human Hulk…seems kind of cool. Besides, should those who already have low levels of myostatin be considered to have an unfair advantage? It’s hard to say. Regardless, be weary of anybody selling or promoting this unproven and unregulated treatment.

At the end of the day, whether you have naturally low or high myostatin levels, remember – this is the level that is optimal for your mechanical and metabolic efficiency. With proper exercise and general health, you’ll reach your own unique physiological peak.

And while you may not be destined to pack a punch like Superman, you can push your own limits through training and hard work. And if you want to know how much myostatin you have…there’s only one real way to find out. Get working!

What are the basics of building a muscular body?

dumbbell-401929_960_720You have decided that it is time for a good change. Muscle Building is at the top of your bucket list and you want to start now. Anyone who wants to start building muscles must start eating specific foods and must have the ability to do simple body weight exercises. This includes:

  • pull-ups
  • body squats
  • sit-ups
  • push ups

Make sure that you are able to do this list of body weight exercises as this is the core of body weight training. Basic exercises help build strength to the following areas: muscles, tendons, ligaments and the mind.

What are the basic exercises in muscle building?

  • Barbell Squat and Barbell Bench Press
  • Standing Barbell Overhead Press
  • Bent Over Rows and Barbell Curls
  • Deadlift, Dips, and Pull-ups

Watch this: 8 Muscle Building Exercises for Beginners

Your first two months in body building must be focused on learning and perfecting the right techniques of doing the basic exercises. There’s no need to rush in lifting weights, galvanized steel coil is meant to be carried by lifts and you are meant to carry galvanized steel chains in time.

Skinny people who want to grow big muscles need not do cardio routines. Cardio exercises help boost metabolism and cardio actually helps burn fat and not build muscles.

Sample Routine for the Beginner

Following a routine is among the best ways for beginners. You can follow routines that are already up on the internet or published in magazines. Through time, you will want to develop your own routine and train on what fits your needs most.

Generally, the beginner would want to start at least three times a week in the gym.

Here is a sample routine any beginner can follow:

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • 5 sets of squats – add weight in each set
  • 5 sets of bench press – add weight in each set
  • 5 sets of overhead press – add weight in each set
  • 3 sets of pull ups – or the maximum that you can do


  • 5 sets of squats – add weight in each set
  • 5 sets of deadlift – add weight in each set
  • 5 sets of bench press – add weight in each set
  • 5 sets of overhead press – add weight in each set
  • 3 sets of pull ups – or the maximum that you can do

Start low and eventually add weight into your routine.



What Do You Need For Muscle Mass Gain?

Just like your Patriot Car warranty, knowing what you need to gain muscle mass is very important. A car warranty secures your investment in your car and knowing what you need to gain muscle mass secures your road to meet your body building goals. Below we listed some tips to gaining that muscle mass you need.

Muscle Mass Gaining

Eat six times every day – Eating this much does sound troubling. Doing this however will get you weight from consumed food. Between, use materials which are high in proteins and carbohydrates.

Do not ignore sugar – Quickly consumed carbohydrates, for instance sugar, can be very helpful. Atleast 50% of these should be quick assimilated carbohydrates.

Try many repeats and heavyweights combination – Basic exercises (squats, barbell push from body while installing, deadlifts) try to do little repeats (2-4) with maximum weight. These difficult complex exercises are very important for maximum muscle growth.

Enhance anabolic body reactions – Every body methods anabolic hormones in order to answer these hormones more drink regular hormone secretion exciting products.

Control training time – Quantity of instruction may be suggested as volume of sequence-that will be done for starters specific muscle. Ideal quantity of education for muscle growth is 6-8 repeats which are dueled from 10-12 repeats developed from two exercises for small muscles and three exercises for big muscles.

Increase carbohydrate intake – Receiving 6 g of carbohydrate for each kilo of your body you will give enough degrees of calories that’ll be power. That’s the way you improve and instead you will make sure that all carbohydrates might be used for muscles and measurement repair may avoid proteins being spread for power-use. Food: cornflakes, oat flakes, meal, feed, buckwheat. Drink full of carbohydrates.

More protein intake – Intake 3 or 4 g for each kilo of your body. Protein synthesis wills may protect muscle lysis and strengthen. The best result will probably be anabolic reaction (qualitative muscle tissues gain) in the place of catabolic (muscle tissues decrease). Drink lots of protein.

More fats – Omega-3 fat acids may be contained in fish. Protein synthesis improves and can increase glycogen formation. In this manner you will provide essential fats and higher quantity of calories which are necessary towards the body for body grow.

Produce longer breaks between series – Divided between series helps muscles to recover. It is recommended to sleep at least two models but no more than three minutes within line.

With these tips in mind, recall our http://patriotprotectionshield.com/ car warranty analogy in the beginning of this article. Your overall health and your strategy are important.

Is it Safe to Consider Natural Muscle Supplements?

Muscle supplements are presented in a large variety. Many of them promises safety, potential and effectiveness. Many consumers are confused and sometimes misled by many claims of the natural supplement industry.

muscle building supplements

How natural are natural supplements?

A supplement is considered natural depending on a person’s subjective idea of natural. Any supplements taken from its natural form and processed without any additives or chemicals that may remove its “natural characteristics” may be considered natural. As an example, naturally processed milk-based home-made yogurt can qualify as a natural supplement. Read more about the generic natural standard to know more about what passes as natural or not.

Where to find safe natural supplements?

It is always safe to consult a doctor before taking in any supplements to help you grow your muscle. For one thing, if you are suffering from a heart disease or diabetes, taking in muscle supplements may be bad for you. Your doctor knows best so it is always safe to consult a doctor first and let them know the muscle supplement product that you are eyeing to take.

Related: Whether you are trying to manage a chronic health situation or manage your over all health by deciding to join a fitness club and build your muscles, there is a known Accountable Care Organization in your area that may help you manage your fitness goals. This organization consists of health professionals who are experts in the field of health and fitness. Contact the nearest ACO nearest you now.

Is safety an issue when taking in muscle supplements?

For anything that you put in to your body, safety is always an issue. There are many products that were taken out of the market and banned in circulation because of its known side effects. Side effects may include acne, sudden decrease in sperm count among men, and the most dangerous of all is liver damage. These products often fall in the hormonal and steroidal abuse however true to its words, it results in increased muscle strength.

Are there safe muscle supplements?

Generation today are more careful and cautious about what they take in or invest in. Manufacturers take note of this and produces safe and natural products and continuously working to take away side effects that may cause more harm than good. So yes, there are supplements that are safe and free of unwanted side effects. However, it should be recommended by your doctor, or passed the safety issues in terms of your health condition.

Bottom line is, muscle supplements are just there to help you build your muscles. But if you think there are side effects or that claims may be false than true, it is best to stay clear from it. Natural foods, proper diet and nutrition, and regular body building routine is the way to go. 

Body Building – Incorporating Resistance Training

Body building with resistance training is among the extremely important exercises that body builders need in their exercise routines. It’s extremely essential that muscle builders incorporate these principles and to realize the significance of this essential exercise in their effort to build their muscles.

Resistance training is your key to better body building

Whenever a weight is applied to the muscles, there is contraction of the bigger muscle groups and the cells of the muscles increase. This eventually increases strength and energy to the muscles and potentially increases the muscle size. This is referred to as hypertrophy which creates a great deal of internal body activities. The fats in the body is burnt, blood pressure rate and heart beating reduces while burning a lot of energy.

Body building with resistance training can benefit your body in a lot of ways. Here are a few benefits you get out of this type of training: Resistance training can increase your lipoprotein levels which are good cholesterol levels which can contribute to a better cardio health. This type of training helps build muscle and at the same time helps lose weight and maintain it. Resistance training improves muscular tissues, helps build bone strength and improves metabolism.

Several of the equipment used in weight building are dumbbells and barbells. You may also do other weight lifting activities along side outdoor activities rowing paddles on a clear canoe. All these activities permits the muscle builder to easily achieve his goals in record time. Consider metabolic activities that reaches to the tissues of the muscles when you are doing strength training. If you want to build muscles, you should think about weight building, resistance training, and include lifting process in your training program.