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Muscling Up for the the 2019 NPC Derby Festival Championship

Amateur and professional bodybuilders in Kentucky are currently preparing for the forthcoming 2019 NPC Derby Festival Championship. Held as part of the annual Kentucky Derby Festival, and in coordination with the National Physique Committee of the USA (NPC), various fitness and physique competitions for men and women, will take place on April 27, 2019 at the International Convention Center, in Louisville, Kentucky.


This local NPC competition poses as first stepping stone to those aspiring to compete in the national level and eventually, in the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) competitions.

Recreational weightlifters who are now weighing their chances of winning an NPC bodybuilding contest, should know beforehand the contest rules and judging criteria. After all, in the NPC bodybuilding and fitness competitions, the contestant’s personality combined with form and physique, rather than strength, are the focal points of the contest.

Contestants are judged based on the overall balance and symmetry of muscular development in the upper and lower body. Muscle striations and graininess, as well as muscle thickness can hurt a female contestant’s chances of qualifying, let alone winning in a chosen division. Some contests may require only poses, while some others like the Physique Division, requires performance of basic routines such as side split, push ups, straddle hold and high kicks.

Those seriously considering to advance to the competition phase, should know that they will have to prepare and train scientifically. First and foremost in the agenda is a bodybuilder’s diet. Unlike bodybuilding for recreation, one must be in total control of what goes in the body. It is not just about keeping track of basic macronutrients, caloric intake, and glycemic values. It also entails having control and mastery of the food that will provide the exact amount of nutrients to take in as sustenance. Trial and error, and quantitative estimates measuring more or less, do not apply when considering compositions of food intakes.

Perform Researches, Buy the Right Muscle Supplement and Get Professional Services

Take notice that many local sellers of muscle supplements will try to convince bodybuilders that their products are the right fit for one’s needs. Aim to research for helpful tips and information, via search page results that  yield corresponding geolocation-based supplement stores, posing clinics, professional trainers, dietitians and weightlifting instructors. That way, they are within easy reach of recreational and amateur bodybuilders wishing to make a quick purchase, or to personally meet with a service provider.

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Is it Safe to Consider Natural Muscle Supplements?

Muscle supplements are presented in a large variety. Many of them promises safety, potential and effectiveness. Many consumers are confused and sometimes misled by many claims of the natural supplement industry.

muscle building supplements

How natural are natural supplements?

A supplement is considered natural depending on a person’s subjective idea of natural. Any supplements taken from its natural form and processed without any additives or chemicals that may remove its “natural characteristics” may be considered natural. As an example, naturally processed milk-based home-made yogurt can qualify as a natural supplement. Read more about the generic natural standard to know more about what passes as natural or not.

Where to find safe natural supplements?

It is always safe to consult a doctor before taking in any supplements to help you grow your muscle. For one thing, if you are suffering from a heart disease or diabetes, taking in muscle supplements may be bad for you. Your doctor knows best so it is always safe to consult a doctor first and let them know the muscle supplement product that you are eyeing to take.

Related: Whether you are trying to manage a chronic health situation or manage your over all health by deciding to join a fitness club and build your muscles, there is a known Accountable Care Organization in your area that may help you manage your fitness goals. This organization consists of health professionals who are experts in the field of health and fitness. Contact the nearest ACO nearest you now.

Is safety an issue when taking in muscle supplements?

For anything that you put in to your body, safety is always an issue. There are many products that were taken out of the market and banned in circulation because of its known side effects. Side effects may include acne, sudden decrease in sperm count among men, and the most dangerous of all is liver damage. These products often fall in the hormonal and steroidal abuse however true to its words, it results in increased muscle strength.

Are there safe muscle supplements?

Generation today are more careful and cautious about what they take in or invest in. Manufacturers take note of this and produces safe and natural products and continuously working to take away side effects that may cause more harm than good. So yes, there are supplements that are safe and free of unwanted side effects. However, it should be recommended by your doctor, or passed the safety issues in terms of your health condition.

Bottom line is, muscle supplements are just there to help you build your muscles. But if you think there are side effects or that claims may be false than true, it is best to stay clear from it. Natural foods, proper diet and nutrition, and regular body building routine is the way to go.